We understand how frustrating it can be for businesses with unreliable IT solutions and services and the effect this has on company performance and morale. We passionately believe in proactive support and are focused on making IT as reliable as possible. Our strong enthusiasm for technology and what it can achieve for your business is backed up by an overriding ethos of transparency and fairness.


IDS provide the kind of visibility that lets you see into every aspect of your health facility – and the patient journey. With our visionary, HIS, RIS/PACS end-to-end solution, Mobility and Healthcare Intelligence Solutions you can best enhance patient safety, productivity of staff members and the efficiency of your operations. Explore how IDS solutions can help to improve patient safety, streamline clinical workflows and enhance hospital efficiency.


Organizations face a variety of challenges around their data centers, from carefully and purposefully designing, procuring and implementing the right IT and facilities to controlling costs and conserving energy usage through control center operations. With the variety of responsibilities in play, many struggle to deploy a data center—whether on-site or in a hosted or co-located facility—that addresses every need.


Alfresco Activity is extremely efficient, lightweight and has one of the lowest overheads of any workflow software in the industry. With the additional benefit of it being open source, Alfresco Activity Enterprise clients can take advantage of a fully supported, high quality BPM suite.


For businesses, more than ever before, customer service is an enterprise-wide endeavor. IDS provides the tools and services to coordinate customer-facing activities across the front and back office, optimizing business processes and managing personnel. And thanks to the smart use and preservation of CRM and interaction data across channels, when that human touch is needed to resolve an issue, the right people with the right skill are on hand, without missing a beat. It enables our customers to route questions to answers and deliver a truly re-imagined customer experience.


The digital transformation projects supports company’s strategies to extend business activities and manage current financial and economic constraints, IDS support customers in Egyptian Market to implement cloud applications that can increase efficiency, create new services and support diversification



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Radiology Information Systems and PACS

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