Telerad Tech™ – Since 2009, has been founded by a group of technology innovators and eminent radiologists with the focus to develop products and solutions to address the gaps and needs of Healthcare IT in general, and radiology automation systems in particular.

Having partnered with leading a teleradiology Institute and led by technologists with a background in developing and deploying automated solutions, Telerad Tech™ has the best mix of domain understanding and technology process to implement technology solutions to solve the radiology workflow problems. The products are developed, tested and piloted in the radiology eco-system and hence equipped with providing the most efficient, radiologist friendly workflow.

Product is targeted to markets where there is a requirement for PACS solution and the workflow, workflow rules/ parameters are not a mandatory requirement. RADSpa™ PACS+ Provides enterprise-wide review, data management, distribution and archiving, and eliminates time and costs for radiologists to switch between multiple workstations.

RADSpa™ PACS+ uses built in router and cache technology to address the need for a robust, reliable, user friendly, performance optimal, and seamless platform for transmitting, unifying and integrating diagnostic imaging data and attachments (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc), from multiple health care facilities, such that the imaging data can be sorted, routed, and made readily accessible to a distributed network of PACS.


  • Supports C-Find, C-Move, C-Get, C-Echo and C-Store
  • VNA-compliant storage of DICOM images
  • Facility to set modality based compression settings
  • Supports all DICOM modalities including CR, DR, CT, MR, Ultrasound, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, etc. and DICOM converters for non-DICOM modalities and images
  • Superior imaging processing
  • Powerful Data Analysis with our Built in Management Information System
  • Images can be accessed anywhere
  • Patient Portal
  • HL-7 integration
  • Supports multiple storage volume for data management
  • Allows specifying storage location – Local hard drive, DAS, NAS, SAN, etc..
  • Robust & user friendly worklist features
  • Advance and Web based report generation & distribution
  • Supports Archival of Images
  • Image burning on CD, DVD and also saving on USB device
  • Integration with Drop box

RADSpa™ is tightly integrated with a Vendor neutral archive providing HIPAA compliant storage for 7 years or more. PRIORS of John Doe show up on the work-list for the Radiologist and physician for ease of reporting and viewing.
Today with the rapidly changing PACS scenario and also the need to instantly access Prior images it is important for the user to look for a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). This enables the user to pick up his archived data at any time and move to a new PACS system. RADSPa™ is tightly integrated with a VNA and allows you to:


  • Archive studies and reports for 7 years or moreز
  • Provide for disaster management by real time replication of data centers, ensuring your data is absolutely safeز
  • Retrieve in a fast and speedy fashion the relevant old studiesز
  • Display of PRIORS for easy viewing and reporting With our VNA these issue, don’t have to be a headache anymore!
  • Recurring capital acquisition and capacity expansion costs for hardware and software.
  • Changing trends in data storage technology.
  • Lengthy data retention periods.
  • Regulatory compliance burdens and headaches (HIPAA Security Rule).
  • Recurring system administration costs.
  • Recurring hardware and software maintenance costs.
  • Technology refresh and migration costs.
  • Data center resource costs.
  • PACS vendor lock-in risks.

We can also take care of your legacy studies and move to them to RADSPa™ so you have everything under one roof! With the VNA and cloud based architecture your data is not only stored in a HIPAA compliant fashion but is also absolutely safe and secure.
Your worries of data security are a thing of the past now with RADSPa™

Breaking out from the boundaries of Radiology Information Systems and PACS, Telerad Tech™ developed a unique and revolutionary Radiology workflow solution or an Intelligence System called RADSpa™ with an integrated image management (PACS).

While the traditional Radiology systems with disparate RIS & PACS work through the mundane work-flows, RADSpa™’s Radiology workflow Intelligence System incorporates several patent pending intelligent systems which maximize the Radiologists productivity & enhanced user experience. RADSpa™’s next generation work-flow can also work with and drive your existing PACS. You can realize higher productivity gains without any major upheaval of your IT environment.


  • Next Generation Radiology Workflow Intelligence.
  • Higher Radiologist Productivity.
  • Work flow Optimized for Multi site, Multi Radiologist Setup.
  • Integrates and Works with Any Existing PACS.
  • Context Based Collaboration with Physician, Peer Radiologist.
  • Optimal Radiologist Assignment with “Auto-Rad-Assign”. RADSpa Radiology CRM to Manage your Hospitals/Physicians Better.
  • Lightning Fast & Flexible Reporting with RADSpa™’s “Intellisense Reports”
  • Voice Dictation and Voice Recording for Speedy Reporting. RADSpa™ Prefetcher for Fast Study Downloads.
  • Even at Peak Loads and Limited Bandwidth. RADSpa™ “Active Push” for Instantaneous Image Availability.
  • Built in QA and Peer Review.
  • Seamless Administration and Management Reporting with “RADSpa™ MIS”
  • mobileRADSpa™ to Report from iPAD/iPhone.