IDS Digitization and Indexing

IDS Digitization and Indexing

IDS Digitization and Indexing services help organizations run more efficiently, increase information mobility and respond to dynamic business conditions by automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from documents in electronic formats. IDS makes business-critical information available to customers and their processes faster and more accurately than legacy systems.

Our document conversion services are centered around our Six Sigma process. The process starts with a business assessment that looks at our customers’ pain points and their current scanning and indexing workflow and identifies what needs to be captured and how. Our teams then work on optimizing their internal systems or introduce IDS Cloud-Based Solutions* to reconfigure their workflows as necessary to reduce costs and improve accuracy and compliance.

Processing and handling forms manually is an expensive and time consuming endeavor.  Our teams assist our customers in classifying documents by content analysis, bar code or layout, and then extracting data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents using Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engines, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines, Free Form Extraction and Fuzzy Database Matching.

To enable businesses to automatically classify, sort and extract data from paper, fax and electronic documents, IDS uses the Ephesoft Smart Capture® Document Automation Product Suite. Smart Capture® utilizes powerful algorithms to extract critical information from physical and electronic documents, as well as helping our customers manage the exporting and importing of batch classes.

Key Technology Features of Smart Capture®

  • Advanced Reporting – detailed reporting and metrics on performance of the system to prevent bottlenecks and fine tune the capture process
  • Powerful Recognition Engine – includes the Tesseract open source OCR engine, and OpenText Recostar 5.0 Professional for both ICR and OCR
  • Flexible Scanning Options – usage of web based scanning modules to import network files or integrate with customers’ current capturing products (i.e. Kofax, EMC, IBM)
  • Image Cleanup Features – drastic improvement of OCR results through image cleanup of scanner lines, speckles, shading, punch holes…etc.
  • Barcode Support –1D and 2D barcode support
  • High Performance Scalability – easy clustering and high-availability extensions to support large scale and multi-server deployment




Convert Your Documents to Digital Assets

IDS offers a comprehensive document scanning service that can turn business documents into more valuable digital business assets. Our teams guide our customers as they create a streamlined digital workplace. High-quality digital scanning is the first step of the effort, hence, leading to a comprehensive electronic document management solution. Our scanning services are quick, accurate, and produce images of superior quality.


Indexing Services

IDS has experienced resources, well-defined processes and the necessary infrastructure to provide the Documents Processing/Management services to end users, through it’s experienced professionals and expert staff members in Document Scanning, Imaging, OCR, and Indexing. Our production processes are streamlined and benchmarked with the industry standards to produce high-quality output deliverables. IDS understands each customers’ unique requirements behind outsourcing such services, hence customizes its well-established processes to cater to those needs individually. The processes are time proven and refined to a level which minimizes errors caused by human interventions. This entails stringent Quality Control procedures, which ensure deliverables with highest accuracy levels as per unique customer needs.


Advantages of IDS Digitization and Indexing Services

  • Document Image retrieval instantly without physical lookup resulting in increased productivity
  • Managing and searching files from your desktop
  • Disaster Recovery: scanned documents can be preserved to survive disasters like fire, accidental or intentional deletion…etc.
  • Scanned documents can have restricted access as per assigned Access-Rights
  • Ease of integration with Workflow and ERP Systems
  • Multiple access ability to the same document
  • Outsourcing scanning tasks to a professional third party reduces cost and time with increased focus and quality of output
  • Customers benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals and developed processes and technologies
  • Customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Our deep belief in honesty and trustworthiness

Digital-Document Management Process

  1. Physical-Document Preparation for Scanning
  2. Physical-Document Scanning
  3. Image Enhancement
  4. Format Conversion
  5. Indexing and Meta-Tagging
  6. Document Management System (DMS)

Physical-Document Preparation for Scanning

  • Document Cleansing: i.e. staples, pins, threads, rubber-bands are removed
  • Document Orientation: performed to reduce post-processing
  • Document Relevancy: related documents grouped together
  • Document Arrangement/Sorting: arranged and sorted in customer-specified order
  • Document Correction: i.e. torn documents corrected by sticking transparent tapes

Physical-Document Scanning

  • Onsite and/or Offsite Scanning
  • Digital Image Capturing of Document
  • Historical and Fragile Documents’ Specialized Care
  • Book-Scanning without binding damage
  • B/W, Gray or Color Format Scanning of large formats (i.e. A3, A2, A1, A0, blueprints, drawings, maps, newspaper)
  • Slides and Negative Scanning
  • CD, DVD and any other storage media

Image Enhancement

  • Background Noise Reduction/Removal
  • Background Equalizing
  • Adaptive and Localized Thresholding
  • Border Cleaning and Removal of undesired marks (i.e. punches/staples)
  • Scratches/Spots Removal
  • Image Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness Adjustment
  • Image Restoration and Color Balance
  • Image Correction Barrel, Pincushion, Curvatures and Perspective Distortion
  • Document Skew Removal
  • Image Cropping
  • Segregated Text and Pictures Processing

Format Conversion

  • Image Scanning through OCR (Documents in English language) for Searchable Content
  • Document Packing in PDF files
  • Data Encryption with User-Specified Passwords
  • XML Tagging
  • Text Translation of Specialized Domains

Indexing and Meta-Tagging

  • Data Entry
  • Scanned Image Files Renaming
  • Relevant/User-Specified Data Fields Capturing
  • Relevant/User-Specified Data Fields Entry into DMS
  • Document Indexing and Cataloging

Document Management System (DMS)

  • Document Storage and Retrieval
  • Access-Rights-Secured Document Handling (i.e. viewing, printing, copying)
  • Various Document Format Support (i.e. .TXT, .DOC, .PDF, .TIF, .JPG, .CDR)
  • Various Multimedia Format Support (i.e. .WAV, .MP3, .MPEG)
  • Online Document Reader (Native application is not required)
  • Content Search Availability