Hospital Information System

An efficient and future-proof Hospital Information System (HIS) is a key component of a viable health system as Healthcare business models are evolving rapidly. Today, there is need to control processes that govern this sector as costs rise and there is a requirement to manage the information that health professionals need.

Dramatic market changes, spiraling costs and increasing healthcare regulatory challenges clearly outline the ongoing transformations in healthcare industry. To ride this wave, IDS provides an end-to-end portfolio of services to help healthcare services providers manage reform and negotiate the most significant business challenges of today and tomorrow.

The healthcare industry is going through an unprecedented state of change driven by regulation and market forces. ICD 10 deployment, budgeting exercises, program/ project plans, schedules and coordination with external entities like software vendors, clearing houses, and payers.

IDS presents a full service end-to-end portfolio of services to help provider organizations manage reform while negotiating the most significant business challenges of today – and tomorrow.

Focus on accountability, quality outcomes and affordability have led to structural changes in the Healthcare industry. As the thrust of Healthcare changes from fee-for-volume to fee-for-value, all players in the ecosystem must re-examine their models.  Two factors critical for delivering cost effective and high quality care are a robust system to deliver Healthcare services and products, and a sustainable reimbursement model to cover the costs of care.

How Can IDS Helps

We help you evolve your models, so you can take your place in an integrated Healthcare ecosystem. We are uniquely positioned to do this because we work across the value chain – from Health and Human Services to care delivery, distribution and pharmacy benefit management.

Our team of experts delivers large scale transformation programs that:

  • Improve patient/member centricity
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Boost operational efficiencies

What Can IDS Offers

Insta’s Hospital Management and Information System is a comprehensive solution that automates the clinical, electronic medical records (EMR), administrative and inventory functions, thereby leading to:

  • Improved operational effectiveness
  • Cost reductions
  • Improving quality of patient care

Insta HIS is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide system that covers all aspects of hospital management and operations. The platform has been deployed in more than 400 hospitals, 1,000-plus physician clinics in 8 countries across India, Middle East and South East Asia. It supports the largest e-governance health IT program.

The Insta application is a patient-centric platform, which has the functionality to handle various types of patients: in-patients, outpatients, accidents and emergencies, day care and referred patients.

Core Components of Insta HIS platform

Customized packaging as per customer requirements

  • Help Desk, Scheduling, Patient Registration
  • Admission, Discharges and Transfer
  • Physician Practice
  • Billing, Contract Management, Package Deal Designer and Accounts Receivables
  • Consumption Entry
  • Laboratory, Radiology and Cardiology Reporting
  • Discharge summary
  • Material Management System – Pharmacy, Main Stores and Purchase
  • Management Reporting
  • In-built Tally interface
  • Registration, billing, contract management, accounts receivables
  • Work list, processing and reporting
  • Quality control
  • Barcode – generation, printing and reading
  • In-built bi-directional interfaces with equipment
  • Item master maintenance – medical and non-medical
  • Item indents and issues
  • Re-order level, re-order quantity, minimum and maximum levels for each store
  • Enquiries and quotations for drugs, consumables, assets and general items
  • Purchase requests, orders creation and approval process
  • Purchase returns along with returnable/non-returnable gate pass
  • Consignment stock receipt, consumption and regularization
  • Expired stock and quarantine
  • Drugs and consumable issues and returns to patients
  • LIFO, FIFO, FEFO issues methods
  • Periodic physical stock taking and adjustments with tracking
  • Standalone and XML-based interface to integrate with any HIS
  • Multiple views to see the patient medical record
  • Graphical representation of the lab results and vitals