Energy and Utilities

The Energy and Utilities Industry is faced with several challenges including price volatility, uncertain energy policy, cost containment, worsening fiscal terms and day to day operational challenges. Success requires the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to these dynamic conditions. For example, upstream companies are challenged by severe resource constraints while struggling to increase production and replace proven reserves. Meanwhile, downstream companies are facing working capital and margin pressures.

The processes and systems involved in exploration, production, refining and marketing oil and gas are highly complex, capital-intensive and require state-of-the-art technology. Needless to say that the Energy industry is pressurized to adapt to dynamic technological advancements, increase productivity and yet keep costs under control. This brings forward the urgent need for a higher-than-ever degree of collaboration and data-driven decision-making to optimize costs; and maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

How can IDS help
  • IDS serves the entire value chain for Energy Industry; we offer solutions such as asset management, field force automation, petro-technical computing infrastructure, etc.
  • IDS leverages deep domain capabilities in ERP implementation and management, IT infrastructure, custom applications, business process outsourcing (BPO) to provide regional delivery to clients.
Why should you consider IDS?

IDS understands the unique Energy value chain, providing solutions spanning complex engineering in the upstream, to customer responsive business solutions in the retail and marketing segment. IDS leverages deep capabilities in ERP implementation and management, IT Infrastructure, Custom Applications, Engineering services and Business Process Outsourcing to provide global delivery to clients. IDS is recognized in the niche area of business benefits-led outsourcing programs with the ability to offer committed year-on-year productivity on not just IT SLAs and KPIs but also on the key indicators that drive the Energy business.


Manage the deluge of data that your smart grid supplies

Smart grids leverage information technology to improve your distribution system’s efficiency through a steady stream of data from hundreds to millions of endpoint measurements. How are you going to manage that data so you can synthesize, analyze and act upon all the information that your smart grid supplies? Dell Smart Grid Data Management solution helps you handle this deluge of data with the right levels of performance so you make efficient, energy-saving business decisions.

The innovative Dell Smart Grid Data Management Solution combines high-performance computing, networking and storage to manage data and provide actionable results in real time.

  • Move IT into OT (Operational Technology) Solve the big data problem for operational technology leaders at the uilities you serve.
  • Rely on a proven solution stackTested in collaboration with OSIsoft and benchmarked on all components for performance, there’s no need for guesswork.
  • Scale your solution Dell Smart Grid offers tiered performance at the right price.


Dell’s smart grid technology solution provides three tiers of storage, enabling you to optimize performance at a low cost. Intelligently manage your distribution networks, minimize and potentially avoid outages and improve service to your customers.

Dell Precision Workstations

Combine the functionality and reliability you need with all of the robust features to handle the office and field conditions you face daily.

Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell PowerEdge servers are enterprise quality with small business pricing. Server types include blade, rack and tower options.

Dell Connected Security

Connect and share intelligence across the entire enterprise.

Dell Storage and Backup

Computer data storage devices, data solutions and backup systems for small businesses from Dell help manage your data challenges.

Dell Networking

Discover high-performance, reliable managed and unmanaged network connectivity for the enterprise.

Dell Deployment Services

IDS as Dell Deployment Partner provides comprehensive services that can help simplify data center management.

Enterprise Content Management Solutions for Energy and Utilities

IDS ECM and BPM solutions are developed mostly using Alfresco and EpheSoft as a base software platform.

Alfresco is an integrated software solution for electronic documents and business processes management. It enables organizations to improve customer services and improve their own business processes. Alfresco platform enables easy modeling and consequent modification of business processes, execution of the business processes, advanced analysis of business processes history.

Alfresco Platform provides essential capabilities for managing enterprise content and is the foundation for Enterprise Content Management and Intelligent Case Management product offerings.

IDS has aligned with Alfresco ECM solutions for providing implementation, integration, upgrade, migration and support services to customers. Our Alfresco consulting team has achieved significant experience in successfully deploying Alfresco platform across mid to large scale enterprises in various business segments including Oil & gas, energy, engineering, and public sector organizations.

Enterprise Content Management Services

IDS provides wide range of professional services in ECM projects:

  • Project management: Project planning, risk analysis & management, quality management
  • Business consultancy services: Process analysis, Process modeling, simulation and optimization
  • Technical consultancy services: System design, ECM software implementation, Integrations
  • Software Development:
    • Agile software methodology
    • Custom software development using ECM platform
    • Creating workflows
    • Process based applications development
    • Testing & optimization
  • ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) & maintenance
  • Customer support


Users will benefit by introduction and use of these software solutions through:

  • Reduction of paper use due to electronic document creation.
  • Decrease of human involvement through rationalization of the number of staff
  • Mitigation of delays and mistakes caused by the human factor and exclusion of the usual document delivery process
  • Process efficiency improvement
  • Easy process reengineering and adoption
  • Flexible integration with other parts of the existing information system

An organization’s engineering documents and drawings are a critical business asset. As a source of competitive advantage, keeping these documents current with the most recent changes and comments is essential. While these documents must be easily accessible to the design and production teams, they also need to be protected from unauthorized users within the organization and from competitors.

Formtek’s Engineering Data Management (EDM) Solution provides flexible yet secure access to your engineering information. It allows authorized users to quickly search and retrieve the latest document versions, and provides access to historical information for reference when making and managing changes. All your documents are stored in a secure multi-level repository.

The Formtek EDM Solution for Alfresco includes two components.

The Formtek Engineering Data Management Module is pre-configured with Engineering Drawing and Engineering Document types with view, edit and search forms specific to an Engineering organization’s needs. The EDM Module includes a converter which renders previews and thumbnail images of DWG, DWF, and DXF drawing types. The EDM Module can also extract and map attributes, including title block attributes, present in DWG or DXF files.  With some configuration, the extracted data can be mapped to standard EDM content model properties.  If Formtek’s free PDF Rendering Extension is installed, these drawing file types can be converted, on demand, to PDF.

The Formtek EDM Connector for AutoCAD® is a plug-in installed on each AutoCAD client. It integrates AutoCAD and the Alfresco repository, via the Formtek EDM Module.