eHealth Event

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eHealth Event

“IDS, leading provider of Healthcare solutions, participated in eHealth conference organized by Eitesal NGO Society on the 14th and 15th of May, 2017 at Marriot Zamalek, Cairo.

IDS presented state-of-the-art solutions for Hospital Management Systems, Radiology Information System, and Clinic Management solutions. IDS as the local partner of Practo International and Teleradtech – leading providers of cloud eHealth solutions – presented converged eHealth solution to address the needs to construct a national database of Electronic Medical Records.

In his speaking note, Eng. Mohamed Dessouki – IDS General Manager – spoke about how ICT innovations have permanently changed the world we live in, how its impact on health care is prompting and is forever revolutionizing how healthcare services are being administered. He also mentioned how powerful computers, connectivity, information systems, big data, metadata, algorithms, smarter phones, wireless biosensors, genomics, precision personalized medicine, e-education and social media are just a few disruptors to healthcare as we know it.”

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